A guide to all order related questions

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What happens when an order comes in?
Failed PaymentHow can I retry the payment for the order on hold?
Order Statuses and IndicatorsLearn what each order status means
How to edit the delivery address?Make changes to the delivery address before the order ships
Fulfillment timeHow long does it take for Supliful to process my order?
Out-of-stock situationsWhy it can not be avoided?
How to place a manual order
Return AddressCan I use my own address to receive retuned good from my end-customers?
How to cancel a Sample or Manual Order in your Supliful profile during its placement
How to cancel an order?Learn how to cancel an order by yourself
Manual and Automated Order FulfilmentDecide which process works best for you
Why is my order getting declined?Order not pushing through from Shopify to Supliful
I cannot see my Shopify order in my Supliful accountFulfillment request is not coming through
How long do you process an order?
Can I add more products to an existing order?
Can I place a bulk order?Are there any wholesale discounts?
Selected items cannot be shipped to your addressWhy can't my customers finalize their purchase at the checkout?
Return, Refund & Replacement PolicyThere was an issue with your order? Here's how we solve it.
The customer received a damaged/wrong productThe order arrived, but that's not what they have expected
The customer did not receive their orderIn case the order was not delivered or got lost
Why is my order getting declined by Supliful?My fulfillment request was declined in the Shopify admin panel.
Why is my order on hold?Main reasons why your order is placed on hold
Adding a company name in the shipping address