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Return Address

Can I use my own address to receive retuned good from my end-customers?

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As you might already know, Supliful does not accept Returns from your end-customers.

However, you now have the ability to provide your own return address for orders shipped to your customers.

How To Set It Up:

  1. Access Your Supliful Profile: Log in to your Supliful account using your credentials.

  2. Navigate to Settings: Once logged in, head to the Settings section of your account dashboard.

  3. Add Return Address Information: Under Settings, find "Return Address" and ensure "Use My Return Address" is selected. Input your return address details.
    Only US addresses can be accepted.

  4. Save:

By enabling this feature, you authorize Supliful to provide your return address for customer returns.

Please keep in mind that only domestic (US) shipments can be returned to a custom return address. International orders can not be returned.

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