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Fulfillment time
Fulfillment time

How long does it take for Supliful to process my order?

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Usually, order fulfillment time takes 3-5 business days before shipping.
But please note, that orders containing more than 10 items might take 3-10 business days to fulfill.
The countdown starts as soon as the order status changes to "Accepted".
For the first 2 hours, the order status will indicate "New".
You can make changes to the shipping address or cancel the order. However, as soon as the order is "Accepted", it is sent to our Fulfillment Team for preparation. It is not possible to edit/cancel the orders at this point.

Moreover, labels that are printed for the first time are going through label verification, whereby our Team inspects the labels to see if they meet all of the design and content requirements. If everything is alright, we send it to fulfillment within 24-48 hours after the order is placed. If we, however, notice any issues, we will put the order on hold and send you a message to the email connected with your account.

As soon as the order is ready, the status will change to "Completed" and you will see tracking details under your Order tab. You can find shipping times here.

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