Sometimes, after a fulfillment request has been sent to Supliful, it can get declined.

In general, for most of the declined orders, you can check the reason in your Shopify dashboard.

  1. Go to Orders and click on the order that was declined.

  2. Under the order overview, you will find the timeline with all the actions, including the decline notification:

  3. By clicking on the notification, you will be able to see the reason why it got declined:

Let's check out some of the reasons why the orders get declined.

Missing delivery details

Most of the time, the orders get declined because some of the delivery details are missing - most often it's either the phone number or the email address:

To fix this, click on the right click Edit under "Shipping address" and add the missing details there. Once done, do not forget to click the Request Fulfillment button again to push the order in.

Country Not Supported

Since currently, we offer deliveries to the US only, in case a placed order is coming from another country, the order will get rejected. To prevent that from happening, please make sure you have set up the shipping rates in your Shopify store correctly.

Invalid Address

We have set up an address verification bot that checks to make sure all the provided details are correct. In case it detects an address that is incorrect or is formatted wrongly, the order will also get declined. To solve this, please update the delivery information on the right by clicking Edit under "Shipping Address".

In case you are certain, that all the provided details are correct, but the order still does not get accepted, please send a collaborator access for your Shopify account to [email protected] and notify our customer support of the issues you are experiencing.

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