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Order Statuses and Indicators
Order Statuses and Indicators

Learn what each order status means

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Order Statuses

The order came in recently, and 2 hours have not yet passed. This is the time you can still cancel the order or edit the delivery or billing addresses.


The order contains more than 10 items of the same product. Our merchandising team evaluates if we have enough stock to fulfill this order without disrupting the fulfillment of other merchants.


2 hours have passed since the order was placed, and it can no longer be canceled and/or edited.

In progress

The fulfillment team has picked up the order and is now preparing it for shipment.


The order has been fulfilled and shipped out to you or your customer.


The package could not be delivered and has been returned to our warehouse.

The order has been canceled and will not be fulfilled.



A new order came in, but our team did not verify the labels yet,
or the payment did not go through (you will be able to retry the payment yourself):

Or your order might have an OOS (out-of-stock) item:


The order is being fulfilled in two different facilities or is too big to fit one box.


An order replaces one of the orders due to wrong, damaged, or missing goods.

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