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How to edit the delivery address?
How to edit the delivery address?

Make changes to the delivery address before the order ships

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Changing the delivery address is only possible within the first 2 hours of placing an order.*
Once the order status changes to "Accepted," the delivery address can not be edited even by the Customer Support team.

To update the delivery address:

  1. Login into your Supliful account.

  2. Go to the Orders tab.

  3. Find the order you want to update and click on it. Next to the delivery address, click on the pencil icon:

    Please note that currently, the delivery country cannot be changed as it will change the final delivery price.

  4. Once you have entered the new delivery details, do not forget to click Save at the bottom of the pop-up window:

    ** We are constantly improving our platform to ensure you have all the necessary tools. Even though it is currently only possible to update the delivery address, we will be bringing more order editing options in the future.

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