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Failed Payment
Failed Payment

How can I retry the payment for the order on hold?

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Understanding the reasons behind Failed Payments and knowing how to resolve them is essential for a smooth purchasing experience. Here are some common reasons why your order may encounter payment issues:

  1. Missing Payment Method: If you haven't added a payment method in your Supliful profile settings, your order will be placed on hold. It's important to note that we do not charge your end-customers directly. Instead, we charge your credit card for order fulfillment and shipping costs.

  2. Insufficient Funds: Your credit card may not have sufficient funds to cover the total cost of the order, including the product price and shipping charges. Ensure that your account has enough funds available to complete the transaction.

  3. Payment Blocks by Issuing Bank: Sometimes, payments may be blocked by your issuing bank for security reasons or other factors. If you suspect that this is the case, we recommend reaching out to your bank to unblock the charges from Supliful.

  4. Expired or Invalid Credit Card: If the credit card information provided is expired or invalid, payment processing may fail. Double-check that the card details entered are accurate and up-to-date.

  5. Technical Issues: Occasionally, technical glitches or errors in the payment processing system may result in failed payments. If you encounter such issues, rest assured that our team is working to resolve them promptly.

Please note that any new orders will be automatically rejected until the previous order is paid for.

Here's how you can retry the payment and proceed with your order:

  1. Go to the Orders tab in your Supliful profile.

  2. Locate the affected order and click on the three dots next to it.

  3. Select the option to "Retry Payment."

Once the payment is successfully processed, your order will be automatically taken off hold, and fulfillment will resume as usual.

Should you continue to experience difficulties with payments or require further assistance, our dedicated customer support team is here to help. Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected], and we'll gladly provide the necessary guidance and support to resolve any issues promptly.

!! If the order is not paid within 30 days, it will be canceled. !!

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