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Getting Started

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Connecting Supliful to Shopify
Adding a payment methodSetting up payment in your Supliful account
Customizing your first labelIn this guide, you will learn how to create a custom label design and product mockup according to your brand requirements.
Adding a productSelect your products, upload custom labels and start selling them in your store
Setting up shipping rates in ShopifyDetermine how much your customers will be paying for the delivery
Sample order vs Manual orderWhat is the difference between Sample order and Manual order?
Why am I not receiving replies from Supliful?Sent multiple emails to support and received no reply?
All label templates
Do I need to register a business to use Supliful?
What is SRP, and how do we calculate it?Everything you need to know about the Suggested Retail Price
Adding a Product MockupMake sure your products stand out
Order SamplesTry out the products yourself before offering them to your customers.
Create product bundles using the Shopify Bundle AppCreate product bundles and combos with one or multiple products
Will my customers know that I am using Supliful as fulfilment partner?
Manual OrdersHow to place orders directly from your Supliful account
Integrating Supliful with Weebly, Wix & SquarespaceEnable Shopify Buy Button in your store
Will my sample order come with my custom labels?What labels will placed on sample products
API for Wix and other storefront IntegrationsHow do I integrate Supliful with a custom app, Weebly, Wix & Squarespace?
What sales platforms does Supliful support?
How to set up retail prices in Supliful?
How to edit product details?
Do I need to have LLC?Do I need to register LLC in the US to work with Supliful if I am located out of the US?
Can I launch the site with the free subscription plan?Am I able to start selling without paying for monthly plan?