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Adding a product

Select your products, upload custom labels and start selling them in your store

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Once you have designed your branded label, it's time to create your unique products and add them to your store.

First, log into your Supliful account and click on the Catalog tab on the upper right. Browse through our product catalog to find the goods you wish to start selling.

By clicking on the product, you will access all the vital product details, including the ingredients list, usage instructions, manufacturer info, and shipping prices.

Once you've decided on the product, click the Customize & Sell button.

You will be taken to the Product Editor, where you can customize your product's appearance in your online store and real life.

You can edit all parts of the product - from its name and price to the label design and the product mockup. Each editable section has a pencil icon next to it:

If you scroll lower, you will find the downloadable templates for the label designs and the product mockup to be created in AI. Alternatively, you can create the label design using Canva. Once you have used the templates to create your images, upload the files back to the product editor by clicking Upload PDF under Step 2:

The product mockup will be generated automatically as soon as the PDF label file has been uploaded:

Lastly, click the Publish button, and the product will be automatically pushed to your store. If you leave the Product Editor page without publishing, the product will automatically be saved on the My Products page as a draft.

Now that you’ve finished creating your first product go ahead and fill your store with many other goods!

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