Not only is product bundling one of the most popular and beloved by consumers, but it also has multiple benefits for the seller. Just to name a few:

  • Enhances the customer experience by combining products that go well together.

  • Boosts revenue and average sales by increasing the amount spent on each transaction.

  • It helps promote products that are not selling that well on their own.

You can also create and start selling product bundles containing various products!

Since Shopify does not have a default feature (yet) that would allow creating product bundles, you would need to use one of the apps for bundles available in the Shopify app store. So far, we have tested most of them, and there are two that work best with Supliful (and are also the most accessible and straightforward):
Zoorix: Cross-Sell & Bundles and MBC Bundles.

!NB! Before creating a product bundle, please ensure you have already published all the products you wish to bundle up from your Supliful account to your Shopify account.

1. First, install the Zoorix: Cross-Sell & Bundles app.

2. Once installed, you will access it through your Shopify dashboard in the Apps tab.

3. On the app page, first select Offers, then Bundles, and click Create bundle:

4. Start by adding the bundle title and subtitle. Then, select the type of discount and the amount that will be applied to your deal:

5. Next, select the products you want to add to the bundle:

6. Finally, adjust where and how the bundle deal will be displayed and click Save:

1. First, install the MBC Bundles app.

2. Once installed, you will access it through your Shopify dashboard in the Apps tab.

3. The bundle setup is pretty straightforward, the only additional thing you need to do is “Enable compatible with 3rd party inventory” before creating the bundle:

Now, whenever someone purchases the bundle, they will be charged accordingly to the discount you have set up, and Supliful will be able to receive your Shopify orders hassle-free.

*Please note that the bundle WILL NOT be created as a separate product in your Shopify Products section.

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