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Can you customize the products?
Can you customize the products?
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Custom formulations are not Supliful’s primary focus. We take pride in curating a high-quality and appealing ready-made product catalog, and we’re excited to share that we have plans to launch around 200 new products in the upcoming months.

As for custom formulations, we offer them exclusively to our existing clients with a proven sales track record. This approach helps us avoid situations where we may have an excess inventory of custom products that do not sell optimally.

Each request is evaluated separately and viewed as a project, as it requires the involvement of our sourcing team to lead new supplier prequalification, quote comparison, negotiations, etc.

Generally, the minimum order quantities for custom formulas can be pretty high, and an upfront payment of at least $10,000 is typically required.

If you are willing to proceed, please let us know, and we will connect you with our merchandising manager for further discussion.

We appreciate your understanding!

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