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Are the products FDA Approved?
Are the products FDA Approved?

Or is the manufacturer?

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FDA does not approve dietary supplement products. However, all products in the Supliful catalog comply with FDA regulations.


The term "FDA approved" typically refers to a product that has undergone FDA review and is safe and effective for its intended use. The FDA approval process can be quite rigorous and involves extensive testing and documentation to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of the product.

On the other hand, the term "FDA compliant" generally means that a product or a facility complies with FDA regulations. Still, it does not necessarily mean the product has undergone FDA review and approval. For example, a manufacturer may be FDA compliant by following FDA regulations for manufacturing and labeling their products, but their products may not have undergone the FDA approval process.

It's worth noting that not all FDA-regulated products require FDA approval. For example, most dietary supplements do not require FDA approval before being sold, but they must still comply with FDA regulations and be safe for use.


First of all, the FDA does not approve manufacturers or their facilities. The FDA only conducts inspections of manufacturing facilities to ensure that they comply with regulations that ensure the products are safe, effective, and properly labeled.

So, no, Supliful manufacturers are not FDA-approved, but all of them are GMP certified.

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