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How does Supliful work?
How does Supliful work?
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Step 1: Create and Connect Your Supliful Account

To start with Supliful, the first step is creating an account. Simply sign up and connect your Supliful account to your online store. We offer seamless integration with the most popular platform Shopify.

Step 2: Select Products and Publish Them to Your Store

Once your Supliful account is set up, it's time to choose the products you want to sell. Browse through our extensive catalog and select the items that align with your business. To personalize the products, upload label files, enabling you to showcase your branding. With your desired markup, publish these products to your store, making them available for purchase by your customers.

Step 3: Customers Make Purchases

Now that your products are live in your store, your customers can start making purchases immediately. When a customer selects an item and proceeds to checkout, they will pay you directly for the product and any applicable shipping fees that you have set.

Step 4: Supliful Processes the Order

After the customer completes the payment, the order information is transmitted to Supliful. At this point, we charge your Supliful account for the product and shipping costs associated with the order. Rest assured, this is a seamless and automated process, ensuring efficient transactions.

Step 5: Verification and Fulfillment

Upon receiving the order, we initiate the verification process. Our team ensures that the labels you upload meet our requirements. Once the labels are confirmed, we move forward with fulfillment. Our dedicated fulfillment team carefully picks the ordered product, applies your custom label, and prepares it for shipping.

Step 6: Shipping to Your Customer

With the product now packaged and ready, we ship it directly to your customer, using your store's name as the sender. This way, your customers perceive that you handle all manufacturing and shipping operations independently, fostering trust and brand consistency.

In summary, Supliful simplifies your online store operations by seamlessly integrating with Shopify, allowing you to choose products, personalize labels, and handle order fulfillment effortlessly. With Supliful, you can provide a smooth and consistent customer experience while maintaining the illusion of running your own manufacturing and shipping operations.

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