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Product restrictions on TikTok Shop
Product restrictions on TikTok Shop

What Supliful products can be added to TikTok Shop?

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TikTok Shop places strict restrictions on the sale of certain products related to body and mental wellness. It's important to be aware of these restrictions to avoid any issues with your TikTok Shop account.

​We have added a filter in our catalog so you can easily identify and add eligible products to your Supliful profile:

The following categories of products are explicitly prohibited on TikTok Shop:

a. Weight Gain and Muscle Gain Products: TikTok Shop prohibits the sale of products that are typically used to pursue specific body aesthetics, such as gaining larger muscles or buttocks. This includes but is not limited to, items like steroids, testosterone boosters, muscle-building supplements, and protein powders that are promoted in connection with achieving a particular body image.

b. Weight Management and Fat Reduction Products: Products and supplements claiming to aid in weight management or fat reduction are strictly forbidden. This category encompasses items such as diet pills, appetite suppressants, products that claim to boost metabolism, fat burners, detox teas, and any product making explicit weight-loss claims.

You can find more information on this topic here.

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