Do you need insurance for your business?

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Despite having best-in-class quality assurance processes, defects and mislabeling can happen along the production chain. Although our organization is fully insured for this scenario, private-label brands can be named in a suit — even if it’s not their fault.

So while insurance isn't a legal requirement, it is recommended for any business producing, supplying, or selling products.

Product Liability Insurance

Product Liability Insurance

Every business faces the risk and potential disappointment of not meeting customers’ expectations. Unclear marketing messages, inadequate labeling, design defects, or manufacturing problems can cause big headaches for companies – even leading to customer lawsuits over injuries caused by products and services.

That's why product liability insurance is so important! It helps ensure you're protected if these unfortunate events occur - providing peace of mind in an ever-changing market landscape.

From bodily harm to property damage, you'll be covered for unexpected occurrences arising from your products:

  • Manufacturing defects

  • Design defects

  • Inadequate labeling

Product liability insurance helps companies of all sizes stand firm against potential claims from injured customers. It provides legal protection and covers the cost of settlements to keep you safe in any sticky situation, allowing your business to remain on track for success!

Creator Content Insurance

Content creators have a huge opportunity to make money by diversifying the kinds of content they produce, with up to 58% taking advantage and creating 2-4 types - but even success comes with challenges! For monetization efforts, influencers must be aware of common risks so that their income strategies remain sound.

Business Interruption

No business is safe from the potential for service outages, which can unexpectedly strike – whether it's due to regular maintenance or malicious cybercriminals. When systems malfunction and content creators cannot do their job, or social networks have to shut down temporarily, this disruption has serious consequences businesses must grapple with - including a loss of income, additional expenses, and even lawsuits.

Regulatory Compliance

As content creators continue to shift the digital landscape, they’re increasingly under fire from regulatory agencies like the FTC. The rules of sponsored content have gone from suggestions to hard and fast regulations with potentially stiff penalties for those who don't comply - a reality that many influencers, unfortunately, take too lightly! Recent data shows that while 57% understand the importance of compliance, less than one out of every four feel sufficiently protected against risk.

Data Protection

Keeping your data secure is more critical than ever. Not only do cybercriminals target large businesses, but also smaller ones due to their lack of defense measures in place. The average cost for a US business after experiencing a breach? A jaw-dropping $4 million!

As content creators have become increasingly visible on various platforms and tools online, they must take the steps necessary to protect themselves from malicious hackers lurking around every corner with ill intentions. Data breaches should not be taken lightly — remember that reputations are at stake here too!

Personal Injury

If you're considering promoting a product on social media, it's important to remember that legal regulations come along with endorsements. While manufacturers usually carry the bulk of responsibility for damage caused by defective products, content creators still need to be aware of potential liabilities like negligence and fraud claims—which could lead to steep fees if not taken seriously!

Recommended Coverages for Content Creators

  • General Liability / Property

  • Directors & Officers Liability

  • Cyber Liability

  • Professional Liability

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