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Imported Health Product Licensing Requirements in Canada
Imported Health Product Licensing Requirements in Canada

Do you need license to sell your supplements in Canada?

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Canada has strict regulations regarding importing and selling health products for safety reasons. In Canada, most health products imported for sale require a Natural Health Products (NHP) license.

What types of products require a license?

Any health product not manufactured in Canada and listed as an NHP must be accompanied by an NHP license to be sold to Canadian consumers.

What is the “personal use importation” clause?

Thankfully, the Canadian government has a “personal use importation” clause that exempts most vitamins and supplements from the NHP licensing requirements. For this clause to apply, the products must meet the following conditions:

- Do not contain ingredients on Health Canada’s prescription drug list

- Are shipped directly to the end-user (the Canadian consumer)

- Are not resold

If all of these conditions are satisfied, then the importation and sale of the product are considered personal use, and the seller does not need to obtain a license.

Why would someone need to obtain a license?

Anyone selling health products in physical locations in Canada by purchasing in bulk will still need to obtain a license. Additionally, if the order exceeds a 90-day supply of the product, it is no longer considered for personal use, and a license must be obtained.

For more information, please visit the official website of the Government of Canada.

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