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Share access to your Shopify account
Share access to your Shopify account

How to provide Shopify access so we can assist you better

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Sometimes we might ask you to provide access to your Shopify account so we can assist you better with different concerns:

  • Help you configure the App properly

  • Fix compatibility product and order-related issues

  • Custom work per your request

Accepting the collaborator's request

When we require access to your account, we will send a collaborator request to your Shopify dashboard. You will immediately see it there and receive an email request.

You can review the request and approve it or reject it. Once accepted, the collaborators appear in the Collaborators section on the Users and Permissions page in your Shopify dashboard.

Removing the collaborator access

Once we no longer require access to your Shopify account, you can easily remove it by going to Settings โ†’ User & Permissions.

There, find and click on the collaborator you want to remove access for, scroll down, and click Remove.

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