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API for Wix and other storefront Integrations
API for Wix and other storefront Integrations

How do I integrate Supliful with a custom app, Weebly, Wix & Squarespace?

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Here’s a visual representation of the whole process:

  1. All products should be created and published to Shopify through Supliful Dashboard

  2. Product information can be fetched using Shopify Admin API:

  3. After receiving an order and charging the customer, order information should be pushed to Shopify using Admin API:

  1. After the Order is sent to Shopify, FulfillmentRequest can be triggered. Either manually or by setting up automatic fulfillment in Settings.

  2. We receive orders and start the fulfillment process.

Here is a short video showcasing the process:

In the video, you saw a simulated version of how this process can be implemented in your custom storefront with the minimal required information for it to work.

For the test store in the video we have set up the following steps:

  1. Installed Supliful Shopify App

  2. Enabled and added a Private App to communicate with Shopify Admin API from the custom storefront.

These Admin API permissions have been selected for the private app:

  • Orders: read/write

  • Products: read

  1. Created and published a test product from the Supliful dashboard their store is linked to our staging environment.

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