Not only is product bundling one of the most popular and beloved by consumers, but it also has multiple benefits for the seller. Just to name a few:

  • Enhances the customer experience by combining products that go well together.

  • Boosts revenue and average sales by increasing the amount spent on each transaction.

  • It helps promote products that are not selling that well on their own.

You can also create and start selling product bundles containing various products!

Since Shopify does not have a default feature that would allow creating product bundles, you would need to use one of the apps for bundles available in the Shopify app store. So far, we have tested the majority of them, and the one that works best with Supliful (and is also one of the easiest and straightforward) is Bundles App by PickyStory.

!NB! Before creating a product bundle, please make sure you have already published all the products you wish to bundle up from your Supliful account to your Shopify account.

1. First, install the Bundles App by clicking Add app in the Shopify Apps store.

2. Once installed, you will access it through your Shopify dashboard in the Apps tab.

3. Once inside, on the main page, click Combo Products:

4. You will be taken to a Combo Group page. Enter the name for your combo and description if needed. Next, below the name and description, click Add Combo:

5. In the pop-up window, click Create Combo:

6. Once in the combo editor, start off by giving your combo and name and adding a description if needed. You can also switch the status of the combo (on and off):

7. Next, you will need to set up the product bundle price by selecting either a discount percentage, a fixed amount, or a target price. You can also select if you want the customers to see the discounted price in comparison to the original price:

8. Then, you will need to create a discount code that will be visible for the customer at the checkout to indicate that it, indeed, is a discounted offer. Please note that the field cannot be left empty. Otherwise, the default PICKY code will be used:

9. You can also set a maximum amount of bundles a single customer can purchase:

10. Then, to add products to your combo offer, click on +Add Product:

11. In the pop-up window, click on +Add to Combo next to the products you want to be in the same bundle. Once ready, simply click on the X on the top right:

12. Finally, click Save Changes on the bottom right corner

Your product combo has been automatically published to your Shopify account and store:

13. The last thing you need to do is update the combo description (in the case it wasn't already done in the combo editor) and upload a product mockup for the bundle. To change that, click on the product in your Shopify account. Edit the product bundle description by giving all the necessary details you find needed.

14. All combo (bundle) products will have a white “Image Placeholder” mockup by default. Delete the default mockup and upload your own.

15. Once you are ready, do not forget to click the Save button on your top right.

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