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How to work with templates that have bleed areas?
How to work with templates that have bleed areas?

Learn more about bleed areas and what to keep in mind when designing your product label

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We are slowly introducing a new template format with bleed areas to ensure that your labels are not cut off when printed out.

We will start with three products (Energy, Sleep and Hangover strips), and gradually move all the product templates to that format.

What is a bleeding area?

In both printing and graphic design, bleed refers to the margin of space that extends beyond the trim line. This safety area protects your content from accidental cropping during the printing process.

When creating your label design, please take these areas into account:

  • GREEN - this is an entirely safe area where you can place all of your necessary content

  • YELLOW - a semi-safe zone that may be trimmed off if printing is off-skew.

  • RED - a no-go zone.

The dotted line is where the label should be cut off during printing.

Exporting your label file

The rest of the process is the same as before - simply download as a print PDF ( if using the Canva template) or outline texts, embed images, and export as high-quality print PDF (if using Illustrator). There is no need to add that bleed area yourself when exporting.

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