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Become a Supliful Partner
Become a Supliful Partner

Do you offer CPG manufacturing, 3rd party testing, custom packaging, or any other relevant service? Let's do business!

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We constantly look for new suppliers and partners as we expand our catalog selection and improve our services. From adding new products and flavors to improving our packaging and shipping - we are always looking for innovative ways to take private-label supplement brands to a new level.


  • Private Label Turnkey Solutions

  • Contract Manufacturing

  • 3rd Party Lab Tests

  • Order Fulfillment Services

  • Custom Packaging Solutions

  • Shipping carriers

  • Other relevant services


Before submitting your application, please make sure you match the requirements below:

Compliance with Regulatory Agencies

The manufacturer must comply with all relevant regulations and guidelines set by the FDA, GMP, NSF, and other regulatory agencies.

Quality Control Measures

The manufacturer must have robust quality control measures in place to ensure that their products meet the required standards for safety, purity, and potency.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)

The manufacturer must adhere to GMPs in all aspects of their operations, including ingredient sourcing, manufacturing, packaging, labeling, and testing.

Facility Inspection

An accredited third-party organization should inspect the manufacturer’s facility to ensure compliance with GMPs and other quality standards.

Track Record

The manufacturer should have a track record of producing high-quality supplements with minimal recalls or adverse events.

Transparent Documentation

The manufacturer should be willing to provide transparent documentation of their quality control measures, ingredient sourcing, and manufacturing processes.

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