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How to get a Shopify subscription
How to get a Shopify subscription

How to create a Shopify account a get a subscription

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First of all, go to the Shopify homepage and click on the Start Free Trial button on the top right:

Fill out the questionnaire for Shopify to understand your experience level and what materials might be useful specifically for you. Or, you can skip the questionnaire and fill it out later/

You are now inside your Shopify account and your almost free ($1 per month) 3-month trial has started. During this period, you can already start building your store. However, once the trial expires, you will no longer be able to access your Shopify dashboard and will be required to purchase a plan.

Shopify offers 3 different plans: Basic, Shopify, and Advanced. Based on your business size, opportunities, and needs, select the plan that suits you the best:

Once you have made up your mind, click on the desired plan and select the frequency you will be charged (monthly or yearly). Once ready, click on Confirm billing cycle to process the payment for the plan:

You will need to fill our your business address and add the payment method to proceed with payment.

Congratulations! You can now connect your Shopify store with your Supliful account and start publishing products.

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