To do this you will need Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator software. If you don’t have previous experience we these softwares than we recommend to get one of our Label Design Packages. and our in-house designer will create labels for you.

Watch the video or read instructions bellow.

To get started login to your Supliful account, click on Add Product. Pick a product and click Customize Label.

Good! So now you are in Product Page view. In this page you can modify the product the way you like it – change description, add your profit margin and, of course, customize label design.

Step1: Download the zip. file


Step2: Open the psd. file. You will immediately see it’s a layered mockup image.

Step3: In the layer panel double-click the smart layer. Do the same again in the next view (if applicable) and Adobe Illustrator file should open.

Step4: Now is the fun part. Here you can design your label the way you like it. However, there are a few rules you need to follow or your orders may bounce back. Make sure you read Label Design Requirements blog post.

Step5: Once your design is done you need to save the progress on ai. layer and both psd. layers so that you can view updated Product Mockup image.

Step6: If you are happy with the result then save ai. label design as PDF file with Print Quality and save the Product Mockup layer as PNG image.

Finally, you need to upload Label Design PDF, Product Image (as a replacement of existing image) and ai. file to Product Page. And you are done!


Now go on and try it out with a test product. If you get stuck, please, make sure you follow each step. And you can always reach out to us via Support widget on the right of your screen.