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Label file size changes

Prepare new label files for these products in advance!

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Our team always strives to improve our catalog, not just by adding new items, but also by enhancing the appearance of existing ones.

Please be informed that in a few weeks, we will be updating the label sizes for the following products:


  1. Prepare your new label files in advance by updating your existing label files to match the updated sizes OR create new files using the new templates.

  2. DO NOT UPLOAD THE LABEL FILE YET! We will reach out a few days in advance and on the day of the switch to inform you when the new file can be uploaded.

  3. Once we notify you about the switch, upload the new label files to existing products. Do not create a new product - it will not be connected to your published product or the existing orders containing the product in question.

*If our design team created your labels for the products mentioned above, please drop us a note, and we will help you resize the label files.

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