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What is a Supliful Storefront?
What is a Supliful Storefront?

Discover a way to sell your supplement products without the need of Shopify or other e-commerce platforms

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Starting a new online business will have quite a few expenses.

One of the things you will need to invest in the website/platform you will be selling your products.

Even though platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce are not that expensive, the fees start to add up after a few months.

As an alternative, we have created the Shopify Storefront that will allow you to create a simple web store in just a few minutes.

So what exactly is a Storefront?

It is a simple web store where you can publish your products with your labels and sell them to your customers.

It comes with a custom link ( that you can share via your social media, Linktree, or any other social media reference landing page.

Learn how to set up your Supliful Storefront here.

!NB! Please note that this is a Beta version, and it still needs some work. And we would be very grateful if you could share any unusual behavior when using our new feature. Click here and fill out the report form. Your answers will go directly to our tech team.

While in the Beta version, the storefront feature is available for free. Once it passes testing, Supliful Storefront will only be available with any Supliful subscriptions.

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