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Customizing your Storefront
Customizing your Storefront
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Logo, brand colors, and exciting product mockups are just some of the things that make a brand unique. Yet, your company image dramatically affects how much your customers trust you and your brand. So we have created several tools to make your storefront truly your own.

To start customizing your storefront:

  1. Login to your Supliful account.

  2. On the top, click Stores.

  3. Make sure you have set up a storefront.

  4. Next to the connected storefront, click on the three dots and select Customize:

What can be customized?

Since the storefront is still a relatively new feature in Supliful, there might not be a lot of customization tools. But as we continue to build the platform, we will add more ways for you to express your creativity and bring your brand vision to life through your store. Please drop us a note here if you have any ideas about what other tools and/or features we should add to the storefront editor.

In the meantime, let's check out what we can do right now to make our store storefronts stand out.

While editing, don't forget to check out the results in the preview window below all settings:


You can change all the essential colors in your storefront - header, body background, footer, buttons, and even the shopping cart (text comes later). To do that, either click on the colored circle and select the color from the spectrum

or click on the color code and type in your own:


In the Images section, you can upload your logo, a hero image, or both at once.

Simply drag and drop the image into the placeholder or click on it to select a file from your device.

Also, the hero image can be stretched to fill out more of the header space.

All uploaded images will be saved in the File Gallery for future use.


You can add a headline and a hero text (body) to your header and set the size and color of the text. Currently, it is not possible to change the font.

Once everything is ready, check out the result in the preview window below all settings:

Bonus Header Hack

Since the editing tools are currently limited, it might take some time to set all images and texts precisely as you want them.

So as a quick workaround, you can easily create a header of your own (i.e. using Canva) by adding your logo, images, and text to a single image and then uploading it as the Hero image, leaving the logo and text fields blank:

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