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Connect your WooCommerce store
Connect your WooCommerce store
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  1. Login to your Supliful account.

  2. On the top, click Stores.

  3. On the Stores page, under Add new store click on the WooCommerce tab:

  4. In the pop-u window enter WooCommere store details and click Connect.
    Make sure, your WooCommerce store name does not have /Shop at the end/
    Like this - wordpresshostname/shop. This does not allow REST API connection.

    Just add wordpresshostname:

  5. You will be taken to the WooCommerce connection page. Make sure you are logged in as the correct user and click Approve:

  6. Your newly connected WooCommerce store will immediately appear on your Supiful Stores page and you can start publishing products right away.

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