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Combo offers WooCommerce
Combo offers WooCommerce
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In order to create a combo offer, please follow these instructions.

Go to Plugins in your dashboard and select “Add New”

  1. Search for “WooCommerce Combo Offers”, Install & Activate it

  2. Now when you create/edit a product you can choose the product type as “Combo Product”, then add many products as you want.

    Just go to Products -> All Products -> and Add the new products to create a combo:

  3. Choose Combo offer and create a name for it, add photos and other information you desire:

  4. Under the Combo Products tab choose the products you want to add to your Combo offer and set the price for it:

    Do not forget to put the country restrictions as well:

  5. Done! Click Save and Go to the front end. Now your combo offer is visible in your products:

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