Since some of the Supliful products are available in the US only, and some in the EU and the UK, you will want to make sure that your EU customers do not purchase US-only products and vice versa.

Go to WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New and find the Country Restrictions plugin;

  1. Install Now and Activate.

  2. After activating Country Restrictions for WooCommerce, you can see “Country Restrictions” in the WordPress admin menu. Click to view settings and get started.

  3. Hiding products based on countries:

While creating a rule for product restrictions for the US you should:

  • Add rule title for future reference

  • Specify country

  • Select to restrict products

  • Hide EU/UK Supliful Products

  • Select individual products

  • You can also configure restriction message type

    • Redirect to an internal page

    • Redirect to a custom URL

    • Show a custom message

(In the case of “show,” only the specified products will remain visible to selected countries and the rest will remain hidden Whereas in “Hide” the specified will hide for selected countries and the rest will remain visible.)

Repeat the same steps for EU/UK delivery zones to hide US products.

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