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💲20 against 3min of your time
💲20 against 3min of your time
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As a new company, we really need your help! Please take a few minutes to review us.

As a small token of gratitude, we will add a $20 credit to your Supliful account - you can spend credits to receive any product from our catalog as a sample.


How to leave a review and receive a $20 credit?

→ Go to our Shopify review page

→ Click on the “Write a review” button and follow the instructions

Why do you need reviews so bad?

Reviews help us measure the customer satisfaction level and it improves our ranking on the Shopify platform (which in turn helps us grow, add more products etc).

How will you know I left a review?

Your Shopify account name will appear next to the review you leave. We will compare it with our user database and add credits.

What if I leave a bad review?

We are not buying positive reviews. Even if you leave us 1 star we will add credits and seriously think about how we can improve the platform.

When will you add the credit?

We will add credits within 24 hours and notify you to your email.

How do I spend credits?

Spend credits to place Sample Orders on your account. You can use the samples for tasting, for creating marketing photos or simply to add the product to your supplement plan.

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