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How to create bundles with one product
How to create bundles with one product

Using BOGOF as a sales tactic

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It's no surprise that the BOGOF (buy one, get one free) deals are a popular technique for retailers. 97% of shoppers have taken advantage of it at least once, and 66% prefer it over any other promotion! That is because they offer an incredible value with unbeatable savings, which means more money in your pocket as well as happier customers who will spend again soon enough, thanks to those great prices.

You can also use this clever strategy on your store BOGOF items.

  1. First, make sure you have published a product to your Shopify store.

  2. Next, go to your Shopify dashboard and click on the product you want to create the deal.

  3. On the product page, scroll down to Options and tick the "This product has options, like size or color" box :

  4. In the "Option name," write the name of your product deal, i.e., Bundle. And under "Option values," write down the number of products that will be in every bundle option. Please make sure you only use numbers so our system can recognize the quantity of the products within the bundle. You can put down as many as you like:

  5. Once ready, click Done, and a new window will appear below, called Variants:

  6. Now, click on the square and either select the product image that is already available or upload your own. The selected image will be displayed in your store:

  7. Next, set up the prices for each variant, depending on the discount you want to apply for your bundled goods:

  8. The SKU numbers will be generated automatically. Please make sure you do not change those. And leave "Barcode" fields empty.

  9. Under Quantity place a random high number (i.e. 999999). Make sure it is much higher than the number of bundles you are planning to sell. If left at 0, the product will be seen as "Out of stock" in your store.

  10. Finally, on the bottom right, click the Save button.

And this is how the final result should look like on the product page in your store:

!NB! Please note that when editing a product in your Supliful account and republishing it, all the configured variants will be lost, and you will need to set them up again.

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