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It is an excellent alternative if you are not willing to waste too much time setting up shipping rates. It implies that you will raise each product's retail price to cover the delivery cost.

It is important to note that you will still pay Supliful for the order delivery - the delivery will be free to your store customers.


  • Setup is fast and easy

  • Reduces shopping cart abandonment

  • Attracts more new customers

  • Good shipping experiences retain customers

  • Helps to remain competitive


  • Increased retail prices

  • Shipping rates might go up, and you will have to either raise the product price or absorb the cost.

How to Set Up Free Shipping

  1. When creating and publishing a product to your Shopify store, set the retail price higher following the [shipping prices].

  2. In your Shopify dashboard, go to SettingsShipping and Delivery:

  3. Next to General Shipping Rates, click Manage Rates:

  4. Under the Shipping From section, delete any existing rates for all shipping zones under the Supliful Fulfillment.

  5. On the right from Supliful Fulfillment, click Manage.

  6. Select New rates for Supliful Fulfillment under Create New Rates:

  7. Next, click Create Shipping Zone under Supliful Fulfillment:

    Please note that currently, we offer delivery to the USA only.

  8. Under the created shipping zone, click on Add rate, enter the name of the rate (i.e., “Free Shipping") and set the Price at $0.00, click Done:

  9. Once you set the Free Shipping rate, it will look like this:

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