As part of a store promotion, a lot of merchants would use special deals, like offering free shipping for orders that exceed a certain amount. For cases like that you can set up conditional shipping rates in your Shopify account.

First, set up the shipping rates as explained in our shipping guide. Then, you would need to set up additional rates for conditional shipping. If you want to offer free conditional shipping for both Regular and Express shipping methods, you will need to create a conditional rate for each of them.

In the Shopify Shipping settings, under the Supliful Fulfillment rates, click Add rate.

In the Rate name dropdown, select one of the names (i.e. Regular mail), leave the price at $0.00. Next, click on Add conditions, select Based on order price and enter the Minimum price, which will be the trigger to offer free shipping (in the screenshot example below, we have entered $55, meaning that all orders that are over $55 will be shipped for free) and click Done:

Once you have set up conditional shipping for both regular and express delivery methods, the rates should look like this:

Finally, do not forget to click Save on the top right corner of the page to implement all your shipping rates.

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